New in EssentialPIM 8.5 (Pro & Free)
May 3, 2019
▪ Save filters as templates in all table views*
▪ Vertical layout added to Calendar’s table view*
▪ Create and print return envelopes*
▪ Assign tags to email messages via message rules*
▪ Save tasks and appointments as notes*
▪ Assign shortcuts for styles in Notes*
▪ Import tags from CSV files for contacts and password entries*
▪ Add links into custom fields for items from any module*
▪ Adjustable number of lines for tree tabs in Notes*
▪ Add new fields in Contacts near first/last name section
▪ Custom sorting of contacts and password entries via drag and drop
▪ Option to automatically save email messages as they are being written
▪ More compact and informative printing via Quick Print option
▪ Remove hyperlinks easily via right click
▪ Page numbers can now be included for printing
▪ EssentialPIM can be set as a default app for EML and ICS file types
▪ Zoom in/out email messages content form View menu
▪ Simplified and easier approach to adding email accounts
▪ Sort icons in Notes by using drag and drop
▪ Print contacts as address cards
▪ Option to keep search applied when switching folders in Mail
▪ View tasks in Mail by enabling tasks bar
▪ Install check spelling dictionaries from within EPIM’s options
▪ Sorting of message rules in Mail
▪ Notes column in table views for appointments, tasks and contacts
▪ Live preview of changes in Tools->Options->Appearance
▪ Option to return to main view in Mail after deleting a message
▪ Message rules in Mail now include carbon copy (Cc) field as a condition
▪ Right-click on an image in Notes will allow more advanced options
▪ Exclude dubious characters in passwords generator
▪ Incremental improvements in synchronization with Android devices and Google services
▪ Lots of other optimizations, improvements and minor bug fixes
*Only in EssentialPIM Pro

免费版:EssentiaPIM Free 8.5

专业版:EssentiaPIM Pro 8.5→暂时不知道怎么注册

专业商业版:EssentiaPIM Pro Business 8.5

EssentialPIM Pro 和 EssentialPIM 免费版的不同之处请参阅 产品比较页。




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