Everything 是速度最快的文件名搜索软件。其速度之快令人震惊,百 G 硬盘几十万个文件,可以在几秒钟之内完成索引;文件名搜索瞬间呈现结果。它小巧免费,支持中文,支持正则表达式,可以通过 HTTP 或 FTP 分享搜索结果。如果不满意 Windows 自带的搜索工具、Total Commander 的搜索、Google 桌面搜索或百度硬盘搜索,如果正在使用或放弃了 Locate32,都值得推荐这款体积小巧、免安装、免费、速度极快(比 Locate32 更快)的文件搜索工具 Everything!

Monday, 25 January 2021: Version
fixed a security issue with loading urlmon.dll and imm32.dll.
fixed a 4-byte utf8 comparison issue.
fixed an issue with connecting to the Everything Service from some devices (eg: a ram drive).
fixed an issue with focus search on activate.
fixed an issue with excluding filenames with 4-byte UTF-8 characters.
fixed an issue with -focus-result command line options.
fixed an issue with \\.\c: service access
fixed an issue with db corruption from duplicated filenames.
fixed a corrupt db issue when re-scanning duplicated files.
fixed an issue with Ctrl + Tab.
fixed issues with starting a rename while there was a mouse capture.
fixed issues with the hide_on_close setting.
fixed an issue with processing command line options from multiple instances.
fixed an issue with copying results to the clipboard.
fixed an issue with using the wrong column index in LVM_GETCOLUMN.
fixed an issue with the es: url protocol.
fixed an issue with Everything holding onto volume handles after RegisterDeviceNotification fails.
fixed an issue with treating unmounted volumes as NTFS.
fixed another crash with unaligned memory access and some USB disk drivers.
fixed an issue when renaming a file or folder.
fixed a crash with unaligned memory access and some USB disk drivers.
fixed an issue with Everything not showing as an active window correctly.
fixed an issue with Windows 10 not giving Everything focus
fixed an issue with scheduled folder updates never occuring for network drives when waking from sleep.
fixed an issue when permanently deleting folders with really long filenames.
fixed an issue with gathering icons for files with paths longer than 260 characters.
fixed an issue with IPC query returning the incorrect total items.
fixed an issue with hidden windows staying hidden forever.
fixed an issue with rendering negative visible result items.
fixed an issue with saving column positions and widths.
fixed an issue with showing suggestions above the search box.
fixed an issue with context menus ignoring base keys.
fixed an issue with Everything resetting the sort after rebuilding the database.
fixed an issue with accessing offline volumes.
fixed an issue with comparing dc: to dm:
fixed an issue with attrib:d
fixed an issue with the ETP client skipping space prefixes in filenames.
added autofocus to the HTTP server search box.
added check to see if volumes are mounted before accessing.
added Lite version (which removes ETP/FTP/HTTP Servers and removes IPC)
addedto http server
access denied dialog will now prompt to install the Everything Service.
start menu shortcut and Desktop shortcut now installed as “Everything”
compiled with /DYNAMICBASE
compiled with /NXCOMPAT
Installer now saves settings.
The installer now installs Start menu shortcuts and the Desktop shortcut for all users.