Opera 浏览器 v60.0.3255.56 稳定版


Opera浏览器是来自挪威的一个极为出色的网络浏览套件,具有速度快、节省系统资源、定制能力强、安全性高以及体积小等特点,Opera浏览器目前已经是广受欢迎的浏览器之一。功能包括:多文档接 口 (mdi)、方便的缩放功能、整合搜索引等功能。

60.0.3255.56 – 2019-04-18
CHR-7361 Update chromium on desktop-stable-73-3255 to 73.0.3683.103
DNA-75446 [macOS] Synchronisation dialog in dark theme
DNA-76440 [Win] Review: Scaling Speed Dials for 4k,FHD on 100%
DNA-76543 Installer: Images update
DNA-76822 Tiles names are blue while loading
DNA-76904 Mouse gestures doesn’t work on some pages
DNA-76906 Crash at ToolbarActionsBar::GetEndIndexInBounds()
DNA-77117 Search provider picker for Ukraine looks bad
DNA-77130 Crash at CollectedCookiesViews::CreateUninitializedDialogWidget()
DNA-77141 Can’t click on tile’s title on start page
DNA-77147 Crypto wallet panel is blank on first run
DNA-77228 Download page is blank
DNA-77250 Chromecast popup is to small
DNA-77263 [Internal] Add more crypto wallet tests pt2
DNA-77271 Wrong position of tile in edit form modal
DNA-77275 Dragging tiles is not smooth
DNA-77309 White flash when closing last tab
DNA-77355 Provide translations for “Use bigger tiles” option in Easy Setup
DNA-77371 Fix white blink when navigating to opera:startpage in new tab

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