Paint.NET是一个图像和照片处理软件,它由华盛顿州立大学的学生开发和维护并由微软公司提供项目指导,早期定位于MS Paint的免费替代软件,现在逐渐发展为一个功能强大且易用的的图像和照片处理软件,支持图层,无限制的历史记录,特效,和许多实用工具,并且开放源代码和完全免费,界面看起来有点像Photoshop。该软件的开发语言是C#。

更新日志: 4.2.1 – Download, released on August 7th, 2019
This update addes JPEG XR file type support and fixes several important issues and crashes.
• New: JPEG XR file type support (Windows 8.1+ required)
• Fixed: Holding Ctrl when dragging a selection with Move Selected Pixels will again leave a copy behind (but only with the mouse)
• Fixed crashes when saving DDS images
• Fixed VTF file type plugin. It was not working in 4.2 except for images that were an exact power-of-2 size on each dimension.
• Fixed: .BMP files can be opened even if they’re not actually BMP images (they still need to be a valid WIC-supported file type such as PNG, JPEG, etc.)
• Fixed very bad performance when opening large images with embedded rotation metadata
• Fixed various crashes, such as when using File->New or Image->Resize, that sometimes happened if the previous update needed a reboot but either 1) it didn’t tell you that, or 2) it did but you didn’t reboot
• Fixed the problem that was causing the need for the aforementioned reboot in the first place (string resources file was locked by the thumbnail provider shell extension)
• Fixed: Text tool will no longer draw tiny text when an image uses dots-per-centimeter instead of dots-per-inch
• Fixed menu ordering of effect plugins that have duplicate names
• Fixed: The mouse wheel may now be used to scroll the Palettes menu in the Colors window (thanks @AndrewDavid for the suggestion and @toe_head2001 for the fix!)
• Fixed metadata handling that was preventing some images with EXIF tag 330 from being able to load
• Fixed metadata preservation for old images that pad EXIF string values with null terminators
• Fixed title bar text color when using certain custom accent colors in Windows 10
• Fixed title bar accent color when Tablet Mode is enabled