R-Studio 是最全面的数据恢复解决方案,它由新颖独特的数据恢复技术推动,可以从 NTFS、NTFS5、ReFS、FAT12/16/32、exFAT、HFS/HFS+ (Macintosh)、UFS1/UFS2 的大端与小端变体 (FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris) 和 Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS (Linux) 分区恢复文件。R-Studio 也可以为严重损坏或未知文件系统使用原始文件恢复(扫描已知文件类型)。即使这些分区被格式化、损坏或删除,它也可以作用于本地磁盘和网络磁盘。灵活的参数设置使您可以绝对控制数据恢复。

R-Studio 8.10.173857 Wed Apr 17, 2019
New features:
+ Get Info panel has been added to the Content pane. Detailed information about a selected file. Extended file information in the Technician version like disk regions, overlapping files, etc.
+ Advanced options have been added to file recovery lists in the Technician version: specific file system info, overlapping files, disk regions, etc.

* Files in Extra Found Files (raw files) can now be automatically excluded from recovery if they are duplicates of files found in the real file system.
* The algorithm for estimation for file recovery chances has been improved.
* Memory usage has been optimized and debuged.
* The Reset button has been added to the RAID Parents tab. It resets RAID parameters to those set by the Apply button.

– Some text lines did not change when the interface language was switched. Fixed.
– R-Studio may have temporally frozen when opening an NTFS partition with many compressed files. Fixed.
– R-Studio may have opened APFS partitions with many files for long time. Fixed.
– R-Studio may have temporally frozen when a Partition tab with very many files was closed. Fixed.
– The Find Previous Version of the File command may have worked incorrectly. Fixed.
– Mask presets may have loaded incorrectly. Fixed.
– Dates nay have changed incorrectly in the File Mask dialog box. Fixed.
– Some file dates may have been saved to File Mask presets incorrectly. Fixed.
– Multiple files that occupy the same sector may have been shown incorrectly in Text/hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
– If files were manually unmarked, they could not be marked for recovery using the File/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
– Existing files may have been shown as deleted in cross-linked folders on FAT32 partitions. Fixed.
– R-Studio may have crashed when opening disk images. Fixed.
– The Show Files command in Text/hexadecimal editor may have stopped working if file region enumeration was interrupted by the user. Fixed.
– The Details/Icons view may have switched incorrectly when switching opened partitions. Fixed.
– Units in the Size fields on the Find/Mark dialog box were always reset to Bytes. Fixed.
– R-Studio may have frozen or crashed when the Reopen Drive Files button was quickly clicked several times. Fixed.
– Sometimes mdadm RAIDs could not be automatically assembled from images. Fixed.
– The Apply changes immediately option could be enabled only by the second time. Fixed.
– An incorrect RAID layout could be saved. Fixed.
– Any changes in the the Block order table defaulted all other RAID parameters. Fixed.
– R-Studio may have frozen when one LDM disk was disconnected and the Reassemble button was clicked.
– R-Studio was crashed with Text/Hexadecimal editor was opened from the Block information window when working with DDI. Fixed.

R-Studio 8.10 Build 173857 官方版